SPRING TIME ACTIVITIES   Now that the warm weather is finally here it is time for some outside activities!!  As you know, outdoor activities are a great way for children to stay fit as well as release some excess energy.  Here are some gross motor activities that promote strength, motor planning, balance, reaction time and … [Read more…]


5 BENEFITS OF DOING MAZES! Mazes are a big hit with therapist, and kids love them too! Mazes are not only fun and interesting they provide your child’s therapist with the ability to address a variety of skill sets during their therapy session.  With so many holiday-themed mazes popping up this time of year let’s learn … [Read more…]

Importance of Handwriting

Why Can’t My Child Do It? It’s Just Handwriting!   Children become very good hand writers by developing muscle strength, problem solving skills and eye hand coordination.  A child who does not have the necessary skills that are developed before handwriting (i.e. arm strength, eye-hand coordination, letter and shape perception) will eventually struggle to complete such tasks at school and home. The following problems may be present … [Read more…]


Listed below are some great ways to target sequencing skills: Create an obstacle course and have the child follow 2-3 step directions Have the child describe basic routine events by telling what he or she did first, next and last (e.g. brushing teeth) Have the child follow 2-step directions using “before” and “after” Have the … [Read more…]