Fun in the Sun

Here are some outdoor activities that can improve arm strength and handwriting – Tug of war with a rope in the grass- Grab a friend and pull! This helps increase hand/arm strength – Wheel barrow walks in the grass- This helps increase shoulder strength as well as helps to strengthen the core – Car wash- Allowing your child to … [Read more…]

Importance of Handwriting

Why Can’t My Child Do It? It’s Just Handwriting!   Children become very good hand writers by developing muscle strength, problem solving skills and eye hand coordination.  A child who does not have the necessary skills that are developed before handwriting (i.e. arm strength, eye-hand coordination, letter and shape perception) will eventually struggle to complete such tasks at school and home. The following problems may be present … [Read more…]


WHAT DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS SHOULD MY CHILD BE DOING BY 24 MONTHS?   GROSS MOTOR SKILLS *    Stoops to retrieve toy and returns to stand *    Kicks ball *    Jumps down off low surface, jumps forward *    Goes up stairs without a rail placing both feet on each step FINE MOTOR SKILLS *    Imitates horizontal and vertical strokes *    Can match 3 … [Read more…]

Social Skills Apps

SOCIAL SKILLS APPS   *These apps are only available for Apple products (iPhone, iPad) Apps for Social Skills   App Description Price Social Skills Sampler Video clips describing social skills such as meeting/greeting people, taking responsibility, apologizing, following directions etc. Videos examples have adults in them and may be best suited for older children free … [Read more…]