Fun in the Sun

Here are some outdoor activities that can improve arm strength and handwriting

– Tug of war with a rope in the grass- Grab a friend and pull! This helps increase hand/arm strength

– Wheel barrow walks in the grass- This helps increase shoulder strength as well as helps to strengthen the core

– Car wash- Allowing your child to assist with washing the car can help strengthen the arms and shoulders and well as help with large movements of the shoulder. Shoulder stability is needed for handwriting

– Water balloon fight!- Assisting your child to help fill up water balloons, stretching the balloons filling them up and then tossing them helps to build strength and fine motor skills needed for handwriting

– Writing large letters and shapes with side walk chalk

– Using a squirt gun or hose to draw letters on the side walk

– Using window paint to write on windows or glass doors (washes off easily with water)

– Rubber Ducky-use rubber duckies in a pool to form letters

– I-Spy-have your child find things outside that start with the letters of the alphabet

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