Mazes are a big hit with therapist, and kids love them too! Mazes are not only fun and interesting they provide your child’s therapist with the ability to address a variety of skill sets during their therapy session.  With so many holiday-themed mazes popping up this time of year let’s learn about the benefits of doing them at home too!

  1. Fine motor Control: Mazes require your child to control his/her pencil through the maze without hitting the black lines. This means that he must take his time rather than rushing, in order to have greater success. Progress can be observed as your child bumps into the black lines less and less as he gains greater control of his writing utensil. Children use fine motor control in order to produce correct letter formation and legible handwriting.

2.Visual motor integration: Mazes require your child to use his/her eyes to scan the entire sheet in order to find possible solutions. Scanning is a great skill used for reading and writing, as it is important to scan from the left side of the paper to the right side.

  1. Problem Solving: Mazes help your child work on his/her executive functioning skills, such as planning various strategies (e.g. starting from the beginning of the maze or working backwards from the end of maze, using their finger first to prevent mistakes, etc.)

4.Visual Attention: Mazes require your child to pay attention to the task in front of them.  They have to pick out the details of the maze to determine the right and wrong ways to go.  They also have to try to keep their eyes focused on the path so they don’t lose their spot/direction they wanted to go.  Visual attention is a foundation skill that is needed for all learning tasks!

  1. Can be done multiple ways:  Mazes can be broken down into different steps. For example, first have your child start by moving his finger, next a pencil, then a marker through the maze. This helps your child to solve the same maze three times consecutively to work on all these skills!

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