Fun Ways to Include Speech Therapy in the Pool

Fun Ways to Include Speech Therapy in the Pool


The pool is a great way to interact with your child while working on their speech therapy skills! Below is a list of a few ideas to turn your afternoon trip to the pool into fun speech therapy activities!

      Water Tag: each time your child is tagged make them say a target word three times! This is a fun way to incorporate articulation into a game!

      I SPY: look around the pool for items to target your child’s speech sounds. This will help improve their sounds, as well as, build their vocabulary!

      Pretend Play: pretend that the diving board is a pirate ship. This is a great way to build sentence structure and story-telling skills! Engage their siblings or friends in silly pirate stories!

      Fishing for Cards: laminate flashcards and attach a magnet to the back of them. Make a homemade fishing rod with a dowel, string, and magnet. Have your child fish for cards in the pool and when they catch the fish say the target word!

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