Strategies for Children with Sensitivities to Loud Noises

Many children have difficulty with tolerating loud noises or noisy environments.  Below are some ideas of activities that may help your child:

  • Play with toys that make noise as tolerated so they can get used to noise (such as trucks, toy vacuum, musical instruments)
  • Have music playing while you are playing with your child
  • When going to a noisy event (such as a party) arrive early before it becomes noisy so they do not get as overwhelmed
  • Write a story with pictures about loud noises and what they can do if it is too loud
  • Work with your child to develop a list of ideas that can calm them when they are in a noisy place or startled by an unexpected sound (such as taking a deep breath, chewing gum)
  • Create a quiet place they can go if they become overwhelmed with noise (if you are out somewhere, scout out a place where your child can go if is becomes too loud so they feel more comfortable)
  • Reduce background noise at home by turning off the radio or television when you are not using them
  • Give your child warning when there is going to be a loud noise when possible (such as the vacuum or blender at home) so they can prepare themselves
  • Allow your child to wear headphones or ear plugs to reduce noises when it is too loud
  • Have a dance party with music (maybe even using instruments if you would like)

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