Make a daily schedule -Going back to school can be a tough adjustment for your child. A schedule is a great way to help your child transition between activities in the dreaded morning routine! -Creating a visual schedule helps your child stay on task, and you can even incorporate speech skills! Work on following directions or saying targeted speech sounds as your child is getting dressed! -Help your child make a checklist of things to complete the morning of and night before school. Check off each task they have completed, and show your child how much they have accomplished!

Create a Back to School calendar -Work on handwriting and spelling skills while writing in the months and dates. -A calendar helps your child recall important information about due dates and fun events! -A calendar gives you a good opportunity to work on wh- questions! “What is due tomorrow?” “When is your baseball game?” “Where is your field trip on Friday?”

 Packing Lunch -Have your child help you pack their lunch the night before! This is a great way to work on sequencing skills! (Example: have your child tell you the steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) -Work on following directions involving spatial concepts (put the lid on top of the jar, put the cheese under the turkey, etc.)

 Make a Back to School Social Story -A social story can be utilized to help your child transition back to school and the story can easily be tailored to your child’s needs. -Identify concerns that your child may be having about going back to school. Validate that these concerns are normal. Include pictures of the child’s school, teacher, classroom if possible! -Ideas of sentences to include in your social story: -I might know some friends in my class, but I will also make new ones.   -It’s good to go to school because I get to learn and hang out with my friends!   -School begins on _______________ and I am going into the______________ grade.

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