10 developmental benefits of reading!

10 DEVELOPMENTAL BENEFITS OF READING!   One on one interaction with your child! Pre-reading skills (how you hold a book, reading left to right, what words look like) Helps develop fine motor skills for turning pages Helps develop understanding of action words (running, swinging, eating) Teaches concepts of space (under, over, below, in) Increases your … [Read more…]


PHYSICAL THERAPY AND ORTHOTICS   Physical therapists play a critical role in identifying the need for orthotics.  The decision to use orthotics is based on the assessment of range of motion, foot alignment, voluntary control of movement, muscle tone, and functional level of the child.  The foot provides stability and mobility; therefore, an orthosis will … [Read more…]


Listed below are some great ways to target sequencing skills: Create an obstacle course and have the child follow 2-3 step directions Have the child describe basic routine events by telling what he or she did first, next and last (e.g. brushing teeth) Have the child follow 2-step directions using “before” and “after” Have the … [Read more…]

Social Skills Apps

SOCIAL SKILLS APPS   *These apps are only available for Apple products (iPhone, iPad) Apps for Social Skills   App Description Price Social Skills Sampler Video clips describing social skills such as meeting/greeting people, taking responsibility, apologizing, following directions etc. Videos examples have adults in them and may be best suited for older children free … [Read more…]