Effects of W Sitting in Children

Decreased Trunk Strength: W-sitting in often used in children to compensate for decreased trunk strength by widening their base of support.  This position does not challenge their sitting balance and trunk strength to develop core stability. Decreased Crossing Over Midline: W-sitting discourages full trunk rotation and crossing over midline with their arms (or the ability … [Read more…]

Child Chit Chat

If your child is challenged learning to take turns talking and be understood, try some of these tips. First let’s define words you may hear when talking to professionals.   Language is how we communicate our wants and needs. This can be done verbally or nonverbally.   We have to know and understand things in order to … [Read more…]

Buttoning 1-2-3!!

How many buttons can you count on the clothes you or your kids are wearing today? Buttons are everywhere! On raincoats, rain boots, sweaters, dresses, shirts, and pants. Starting at the age of: ___2.5 years old, it is age appropriate for kids to unbutton 1 large button independently. ___3 years old, developmentally, a child should … [Read more…]